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Shandong Province high-density the Hongfeng labor supplies
Address: high-density city, Chaoyang street Yao Road 458
Tel :0536 -2582097 0536 -2583077
Contact: Johnny Lam Mobile: 13963653728 18366353888

The Hongfeng sketch Qualified

Simple, innovation, hard work, and open.

Hongfeng "Five" project

First-class treatment, first-class talents, first-class team, first-class brand, first-class performance

Hongfeng employing the principle of

Agree with the the Hongfeng corporate culture, to see the quality, weight potential.

Employees into plans

New employee mentoring, as the mentor of the new employees to senior staff (including staff and cadres),
rapidly integrate business and performance improvement to provide detailed guidance for new employees.

The three conditions of the cadres promoted

Outstanding performance and fulfill the standards of mentor responsibilities, can elect not less than the level of the successor to take over their posts.

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